Stale fuel

We do not advise that customers store their mowers with a partially full tank of fuel. Ethanol in the fuel begins to degrade or stiffen plastic and rubber parts and attracts moisture, which can cause the tank to rust. It can take as little as 30 days for petrol to become stale, gumming up the fuel system and carburettor. After months, it can thicken into what technicians call varnish. Stale fuel is the primary suspect when a mower won’t start.

Oil change

Four-stroke engines require an oil change, especially if the oil is old, contaminated, or dark black. You can consult with our technicians or the owner’s manual for directions, the type of oil to use, and the correct amount. However, changing the oil is, of course, is included in our service program.

Cleaning the deck to avoid corrosion

Grass easily builds up under mower decks. A good cleaning will help prevent corrosion. Cleaning is included in our full-service program (only). Subsequently, in our workshop, we apply lubricants or wax to help prevent future build-up.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are designed to be used for about 100 hours of mowing and should only need to be replaced once a year. New spark plugs improve start-up and performance and they’re inexpensive  We suggest that our customers remove the spark plug until spring.

Air filters

A clogged air filter can be one of the main culprits if you have problems starting your mower in spring. A clean filter provides steady airflow to help the engine burn gas more efficiently. The changing or maintenance of air filters is part of our service programs.

Sharpening and balancing the blade

Generally, the mower’s blade has a tough season cutting the lawn; stones, rocks, roots and all the stuff that lurks in lawns can dull or damage the blade. Dull blades tear and damage grass making it more prone to disease and desiccation (drying out).


Typically manufacturer’s warranties are conditional on an annual service being carried out.

Most warranties are only valid if the machinery is looked after and serviced in accordance with the instructions, so might be void if the servicing is not up to date and documented.

Please remember, that a manufacturer’s warranty only covers the machine and its components against faulty parts and/or poor workmanship. Parts are not covered for wear, so items such as belts and blades are generally excluded from the warranty.

Also, be aware that when using your machine in certain conditions it may require additional servicing or maintenance as recommended in the user manual.