Weibang WB486CRB Intrepid Scarifier

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The Weibang WB486CRB Intrepid Scarifier is controlled by a clutch system, the scarifying rotor is fitted with 28 double-tipped carbon steel swinging blades.

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Domestic Warranty 

These Weibang machines come with a 5-year warranty. Domestic Use subject to servicing.

Swing Blades

The swing blade design offers minimal maintenance due to its ability to strike objects without bending or breaking.

An optional fixed blade cassette is also available.

Briggs and Stratton Engine

This model is powered by premium high quality Briggs and Stratton engines.

Removing Moss and Thatch

Scarifying is the process of cutting into the surface of the lawn to remove moss and thatch, allowing water, sunlight and nutrients to reach the grassroots and give a healthy green appearance to the lawn.

Adjustable Working Depth

The working depth can be adjusted via the height screw, to find the perfect depth and the transport lever enables the user to raise the blades from harms way during transport around the garden.

Engine Briggs & Stratton 750 Series
Service Code WB486CRB
Power 3.3kW @ 3300rpm
Displacement 163cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.1L
Chassis Steel
Working Width 46cm / 18in
Work Area up to 3000m2
Blade Type 28 Swing Tip Blades
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Collector Volume N/A
Warranty (domestic/commercial) 5 Year Domestic / 1 Year Commercial
Adjustable Handle No
Working Height 32mm of adjustment
Height Adjustment Central
Maximum Ground Penetration 16mm
Wheel Size 198mm
Wheels Nylon
Ball Bearing Wheels Double
Vibration 5.4m/s2
Weight 58.3kg

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 800 × 730 × 700 mm


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