EGO BCX3800 Professional-X Brush Cutter

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Leave the fuss and fumes of petrol behind with this powerful, pro-standard tool. Compatible with a trimmer head and brush cutter head, you can pair up with our Professional-X backpack battery BAX1500* for all-day power and comfort. Other features include variable speed selection, a choice of line diameters, bump feed head and carbon fibre driveshaft.

*Battery and Charger not included.

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The EGO BCX3800 is the tough answer to rough ground. Perfectly balanced for comfortable use, the EGO Power+ commercial line trimmer and brush cutter make short work of even the roughest ground.

Power comes from either EGO’s 56V battery range*, or EGO’s commercial backpack battery* and the ready-for-anything 2KW motor. All this is channelled through the light, yet amazingly strong carbon fibre shaft.

This means that unlike alloy shafts, it won’t bend and lose its shape over time, keeping vibration levels to a minimum.

Multi-Head Support

EGO’s strimmer is versatile, and can be used with either the line trimmer or brush cutter head included, as well as the RTX2300 rotocut, which will take your capabilities to another level.

Strimmer Head

When the line trimmer head is attached, the line is housed inside a manual wind bump feed head. It is supplied with 2.4mm line, but is capable of holding line up to 3mm thick to assist with cutting more stubborn areas.

Blade Head

The three-sided steel blade (ABB1203) has a 30cm cutting width, which means you can get closer to hard-to-reach areas which are regular pain points.

Safely Professional

This BCX3800 strimmer is fitted with a variable speed trigger, which you can control to ensure you’re working efficiently and safely.


Cutting Width, Three Sided Blade 30 cm
Cutting Width, Line Trimmer 38 cm
Blade Material Three-sided reversible steel blade
No Load Speed 5,800 rpm
Soft Start Yes
Line Diameter 2.4 mm
Line Feed Manual wind bump feed head
Dual Line Yes
Rotating Direction Anti Clockwise
Auxiliary Handle Bike handle
Harness Double Shoulder (harness not included)
Noise Rating With trimmer head: 81
With brush cutter head: 83 LpA
Noise Rating With trimmer head: 94
With brush cutter head: 96 LwA
Weight without Battery, Three Sided Blade 6.5 kg
Weight without Battery, Line Trimmer Head 6.8 kg
Vibration With trimmer head: 1.9/1.5
With brush cutter head: 1.9/1.3 M/S
Motor Type Brushless

*Battery and Charger not included.




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