EGO BMH1000 – Multi-tool Storage Bag

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Durable multi-tool wheeled bag for transporting and protecting the EGO multi-tool kits.

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The EGO BMH1000 multi-tool bag features a rugged wheel system, making it easier for you to transport and manoeuvre.

Elastic belts within the bag help to keep your tools secure in transit, and stop the batteries, chargers and any other accessories from moving around freely.

Easy and Fast Usage

The extra-large opening design of the EGO BMH1000 means you can fully open the bag to expose the tools, meaning you can easily find and remove the attachments you desire.


It’s made with rugged, weather-resistant canvas which resists abrasion and wear to keep your multi-tools protected. The bottom layer inside is made of plastic which allows easy cleaning.

Multiple Storage Options

A separate compartment within the bag will hold the battery away from the attachments in the main space, protecting it further. Outside the bag, there is a zip pouch where you’re able to store any accessories such as safety goggles and gloves to ensure you’re always prepared to be protected. 

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