Cobra RM514SPC Lawnmower – Rear Roller

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The Cobra RM514SPC petrol lawnmower is powered by a Cobra DG600 OHV engine. The RM514SPC is self-propelled and has a rear roller for a striped finish.

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Cobra RM514SPC the perfect combination of power, style and reliability


Every Cobra lawnmower has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically for the changing conditions of the British lawn.

RM514SPC lawnmower with 4 speed gearbox

4 speed gearbox for complete control

The Cobra RM514SPC petrol lawnmower comes equipped with comfort handles and self propelled drive system with 4 speed gearbox. The self-propelled system takes all the effort out of pushing your lawnmower, and the 4 speed gearbox gives you total control for ultimate mowing.


Cobra DG600 Engine


Expertly powering Cobra lawnmowers.

The Cobra DG600 engine offers a quiet yet powerful combination for a variety of demanding applications. It incorporates the latest engine design technologies ensuring optimal torque and efficiency. The DG600 powers Cobra lawnmowers for gardens up to 600 square metres.


A closer cut with the Cobra RM514SPC


 Cobra Rear Roller lawnmowers cut down to 17mm

With a fully adjustable 6 cutting heights ranging from 17mm for a superb low finish up to 75mm for tackling longer grass, choose the Cobra RM514SPC. All this is achieved by simply using the single height of the cut adjustment lever, which has been conveniently positioned next to the rear roller.


One good idea deserves another.


Cobra petrol lawnmowers are packed with innovative features to help you create the perfect garden with a minimum of effort.

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Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 950 × 570 × 500 mm


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